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Uninterruptable Power Supply

Enterprise Uninterruptible Power Supply… While rather intimidating in print, it is a lifeline for companies who are dependent on uninterrupted electricity to power their systems. Having a backup power supply is critical for any business that depends on facility-wide, continuous uptime.

Call centers, design studios, engineering firms, data centers… nearly any business with an information network can insure productivity and protect their valuable data and workflow.

Most EUPS systems are comprised of dedicated and redundant modules–power, intelligence, battery and bypass, all engineered into a design that is easily and efficiently serviceable. Many offer architectures that can scale power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required.

A power protection solution from A&K Electrical Group provides dynamic response, avoids potential battery damage while procuring fast seamless transitions, and delivers significant energy savings. We can provide a variety of different footprints and still offer a fully featured UPS solution that aligns properly with your power needs.

Best of all, our enterprise UPS systems are world class, redundant, scalable, and offer power protection designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability. They can be seamless integrated into most electrical networks. Some of our more advanced systems are highly manageable, featuring self-diagnostic capabilities and standardized modules which mitigate the risk of human error resulting in increased overall reliability.

Uninterruptible Power SupplyA&K works with some of the recognized leaders in uninterruptable power supply, including:

  • APC
  • Leibert UPS Systems
  • Magnatek ADS
  • Powerware
  • Toshiba
  • Best Power

Contact A&K Electrical Contractors if you would like an assessment of your UPS needs.


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