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Household Generators

A lot has transpired since October 22, 2012, and yet many people in New Jersey and surrounding states are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. If your home doesn’t have a household generator power backup solution now is a great time to speak with one of our generator specialists. We offer many different solutions and probably have one that’s a great fit for your needs and budget.

One of our preferred household generator providers is General Electric. GE is a leader in energy innovation, and over the years has proven effective through the use of the latest technology. A GE system will provide the peace of mind our clients want with dependable quality.

GE Generator Household Generator Systems feature their patented Symphony™ II Power Management, which offers a smarter approach to backup power. In the past, homeowners needed a larger, more expensive generator to meet the power needs of their whole house. But with GE Generator Systems, featuring their Symphony II Power Management, homeowners can power all their essential items, while also having access to additional high wattage appliances that traditionally would require a larger generator. Because Symphony II “senses” the power needs of these additional items, the result is a right-sized generator.

GE--Smart Grid Illustration

Hence, you don’t need a larger generator. Just a smarter one.

With the customizable advanced computer controls of the Symphony™ II Power Management System, you have the flexibility to manage your whole house power, including up to 8 high wattage appliances, with a smaller generator. This means less fuel consumption, less overall expense, and lower emissions. Available with every Home Generator by GE, the system’s simple, expandable remote controls allow you to pinpoint your unique power requirements, and ultimately achieve affordable whole house comfort when the power goes out.

How a GE Generator Works


The bottom line – Your home’s performance can continue… without pausing for an intermission.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, where you can learn more selecting and installing a home automatic generator system click here.


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