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Welcome to A&K Electrical Contractors

A&K Electrical Contractors is the premier resource for commercial and residential electrical services in New Jersey. Conveniently based in Hunterdon County, our team takes pride in regularly exceeding the expectation of our client’s needs.

Our passion for what we do never ceases to grow, because electrical contracting is diverse and has many facets. These range from basic products and services to the most advanced and complex installations covering a broad range of disciplines.

From construction to communication, high rise to single family homes, hospitals to heavy industrial, A&K Electrical Contractors is the best choice for excellence in electrical construction and renovation.

Our customers are our number one priority, and we strive to insure that they receive the best work at a fair price, on time, and in the safest possible manner. If you are looking for a qualified electrical contractor, please invite AK Electrical Contractors to speak with you about your project.

Thank you again for visiting our site. Please complete our Contact Us page and let us know how we can help. You may also follow us on our blog and also on Facebook.

A&K Electrical Contractors have been dependably servicing our various electrical needs for over 5 years, handling everything from new Tenant fit ups to routine building and site maintenance. We have consistently found them to reliably bring their work in within budget and on schedule.

Patrick Baldoni AIA
Lebanon, New Jersey

Should I Be Using LEDs?

A&K Electric Group believes that LED light bulbs will eventually be what everyone will be using and will replace incandescent bulbs. Recent developments in LED technology have been addressing the issues of cost and broader light beam. And LEDs provide lifetime operating costs that are much less than conventional bulbs.

Commercial UPS Systems

Having a backup power supply is critical for any business that depends on facility-wide, continuous uptime. Our enterprise UPS systems are world class, redundant, scalable, and offer power protection designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability.

Project Portfolio

For over 10 years A&K Electric Group has been collaborating with property managers, building owners, general contractors, architects, and small business owners on a broad and diverse range of electrical projects. From new installations and build-outs to restoration and modernization of existing electrical systems, our team of experts enjoy exceeding the expectation of our clients… and their clients, too!

From construction to communication, high rise to single family homes, hospitals to heavy industrial, A&K Electric Group is the best choice for excellence in electrical construction and renovation.




A&K Electrical Contractors
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